Food Innovator Award: Spotlight on food innovation

Nomination is now open for the Food Innovator Award 2017. According to last year’s winner Nicolai Hansen, CEO of KMC, the award is an important initiative for the industry.

“The Danish Food Cluster award is a great initiative, and I am proud of having received the award in 2016. It is important to have a focus on food innovation, which the Food Innovator Award contributes to”, states Nicolai Hansen CEO of KMC, which is one of the leading ingredient suppliers for the food industry in particular.

The Food Innovator Award is part of the yearly conference A Great Day for Food Innovation, which Danish Food Cluster hosts. The purpose of the award is to honour a person for his/her influence on innovation in the Danish food industry but also to increase the attention on innovation.

Furthermore, the purpose of the award is to inspire individuals and organisations to continue innovation. Nicolai Hansen believes that the great potential of the food industry depends on our ability to keep on developing and staying innovative: “The global population and especially the middle class is increasing and the consumers request healthy and safe food for their dinner tables. Danish food companies are part of the forefront, but if we want to keep our lead position, we need to develop”.

The arguments for awarding Nicolai Hansen last years winner was his ability to make innovation profitable, his skills as a true networker, his generous sharing of knowledge and insights and also his many years of creating value in the food sector.

A personal award

The Food Innovator Award is a personal award, as it is handed out to a person independently of a company. The evaluation of the candidates is based on a weighting of the four criteria: Impact, period of impact, overall value for the cluster and output. All members of Danish Food Cluster can nominate candidates for the award, and then the board of Danish Food Cluster elects the winner.

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