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A five-course menu of food innovation activities

Some of the traditional courses are:

…and every year new kinds of courses are added, but we wont reveal them for you yet.

Check out the program of DK Food Week 2019 and get a taste of the concept.

DK Food Week 2019

Who’s DK Food Week for?

Industry: Get a unique look into the start-up environment and discover the latest entrepreneurial ideas. Food Week DK will also provide you with the best of the best of the food ecosystem in Denmark.

Start-up: As a startup you get several opportunities to compete for funding for your company, but this week is also a great chance to look for partnerships whether it is investors or corporates that will help you take your company to the next step.

What’s the perfect food week programme for you?

Do you want to make the most out of your DK Food Week days? Do you need help putting together the perfect programme? Contact Helle Friis at

Why participate in DK Food Week?

Here is what Nadav Berger from venture capital company, PeakBridge Partners, thinks:

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