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Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Danish Food Cluster is on the brink of merging with Agro Business Park, VIFU and Nordjyske FødevareErhverv to become one super cluster, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, which is expected to come into effect on 1. June 2020.

Why are we merging?
A new strategy from the Danish Business Promotion Board (Erhvervsfremmebestyrelsen) requires that there is only one overall cluster within each national position of strength. The strategy has four objectives:

  • One professional and nationwide cluster organisation must be the driving force for innovation in its field.
  • Cluster efforts must be rooted in an independent private cluster organisation that promotes innovation in companies through collaboration across the ecosystem and other business promotion and innovation players , including the intermunicipal business houses.
  • Cluster organisations must be neutral collaboration platforms that embrace and are available to all types of relevant businesses and entrepreneurs across the country.
  • Cluster efforts must consist of activities that motivate companies to take co-responsibility for the development of the area, eg. through private co-financing.
    *source: Danish Business Promotion Board (Erhvervsfremmebestyrelsen)

Therefore, we are now gathering all our forces and offerings under one cluster organisation, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark.

What will we do in Food & Bio Cluster Denmark?
The new organisation, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, will have focus on food and bio ressources, and will cover the supply and value chain from primary production to the processing and distribution of food for value creation via biological residues and side streams, as well as environmentally and climate-friendly alternatives with biogas, materials, chemicals and feed. We will include to:

  • Support innovation and collaboration across value chains and between companies and knowledge institutions
  • Support the development of sustainable production and better ingredients
  • Strengthen the use of digital technologies and develop new business models for marketing on national and international markets
    *source: Danish Business Promotion Board (Erhvervsfremmebestyrelsen)

The founding general assembly will be held on 29. May 2020 at 13.00, where it will be possible to participate virtually. If you wish to participate, please contact Thomas Hornbæk Jakobsen

Elections will be held for the new board, and all DFC members will have the opportunity to run for the election. The members’ fees for 2021 will also be decided upon. Thereby, you will have influence on the new board and the future members’ fees, and you will continue to set direction for activities. There are, of course, no changes to either already paid fees for the duration of 2020 or membership terms, but you will experience more opportunities and offers to members after the merger, which is expected to happen on 1. June 2020.

Headquarter will continue to be in Agro Food Park in Skejby, but more offices throughout the country will secure and strengthen the proximity to our members.

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