Five, far-reaching and fast-growing

More and more members all over Denmark and the world, connecting innovation hubs globally and helping big and small companies to growth. Danish Food Cluster has turned 5 years.

It all started on 16th December, 5 years ago, where a Danish Food Cluster seed was set. And over the years and with the right nutrition, an increasing number of members, the plant has grown stronger and bigger.

“In a very short time, Danish Food Cluster has become a trustworthy network organisation within the food sector”, says Anne Lawaetz Arhnung, CEO of Danish Agriculture & Food Council, key stakeholder and member from day one.

“The organisation has been particularly good at creating networks across the food cluster for SMEs. Danish Food Cluster has created a platform, where companies are able to meet and create innovation and solutions together, and Danish Food Cluster has also been good at creating collaboration with authorities, GTS institutes and universities for the benefit of companies,” states Anne Lawaetz Arhnung. 

From Denmark to the rest of the world

During the 5 years the core of Danish Food Cluster, members from all parts of the food value chain, have grown and not only in Denmark. The 175 members include big and small companies, organisations, knowledge institutions and also international members from for instance Germany, Israel and New Zealand.

Danish Food Cluster gathers the key stakeholders in Denmark within food and food innovation and uses this position to strengthen Denmark and to reach out to food hubs in Europe and other parts of the world,” says Esben Laulund, Chairman of the Danish Food Cluster board, Vice President Chr. Hansen.

Break through the tough industry doormen

As a partner in Danish projects like Future Food Innovation and EU projects like INCluSilver, Danish Food Cluster works to help innovative companies develop new services and products. The cluster also help small producers break through the tough industry doormen, the retail purchasers, with the project Bilka Marketplace, where small producers get to meet with purchasers from Salling Group, another member of the cluster.

Dance floor, dating scene, meeting place

Creating the meeting place where collaborations are formed, is part of the core Danish Food Cluster DNA. These are for instance created in the many Round Tables and networks in Danish Food Cluster, where members meet to share knowledge with other industry professionals.

One of those participants is Anne Elsser-Gravesen, Managing Director at ISI Food Protection, which has been a member right from the beginning:

Danish Food Cluster has grown and spread both nationally and internationally and they succeed in embracing both the small and the large member. We have benefitted from different activities, for instance my participation in a Round Table, which has forced me to think strategically and also expanded my network – I have met people I otherwise wouldn’t have met.”

The jubilee will be celebrated at A Great Day for Food Innovation, March 21th, at Møllerup Gods.

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