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Networking is key in today’s corporate world. Your network and contacts can help you strengthen and develop your business and help you find new partners.

On December 15, Danish Food Cluster invited members to an exclusive facilitated networking session. Here members could make special requests for a networking partner. According to Henrik, CEO at Møllerup Brands, the event was a great opportunity to nurture his network:

For me personally it is important to nurture my network and to show face to the people in the food industry – remind them that we are part of the industry, and an event like this is great in relation to maintaining and developing my network in the food industry”.

The session was hosted at one of our members Bird & Bird and according to Partner at Bird & Bird Peter Lind Nielsen, it was a great event – especially due to the facilitated networking:

I think that it has been a great event – especially because it was a group of engaged people, who participated. Moreover, I am very fond of the fact that the networking was organized, since you get to talk to new and relevant people that you otherwise wouldn’t get to talk to”.

Besides from the networking session, the participants also got new insights into two upcoming and relevant subjects in the food industry: Novel foods and food apps in a presentation by Senior Counsel Lars Karnøe and Partner Peter Lind Nielsen from Bird & Bird.

Lars Karnøe presented the legal aspects in relation to opportunities and problems producers have, when it comes to novel foods. An important fact to be aware of is that European countries have different regulations in relation to novel foods. After that Peter Lind Nielsen talked about some of the legal aspects to be aware of, when developing apps. Here a central point was that food apps should be considered marketing from a legal point of view, which is why the rules on marketing often also holds for food apps.

The session finished of the elegant way; with a wine tasting. Here the participants got to taste some of the finest bobbles that Denmark has to offer. The champagne tasting was hosted by Jørn Senger, the owner of the brand Y, one of the few bobble brands cultivated on Danish soil.

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