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Food Innovation Talk(FIT) is a 30 min. livestream to share knowledge and inspire to food innovation from Danish Food Cluster. This FIT is presented by Aarhus University on February 28 at 15.00 CET.

See, Feel, Hear, Smell, Taste
–on the importance of taking both internal product development and external packaging and environment into account in the design of food and beverages
by Aarhus University

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As part of this FIT we will do a short live test, involving you, a piece of chocolate and two soundtracks.

  1. For this – make sure to have chocolate ready when we start the FIT at 15.00 on Thursday. OBS. A chocolate of 70% would be optimal, milk or white chocolate can be too sweet for this experiment.

Human perception and preference for food and beverage products are undoubtedly major determinants of their success in the marketplace. The multisensory experience of a food product, and thus product choice, is a multifactorial and dynamic phenomenon. A vast body of research supports the view that both food product-intrinsic and food product-extrinsic factors (such as environmental or packaging cues) play an important role in the perception and acceptance of what we choose to eat and drink.

In this presentation, a food scientist and an experimental psychologist start by introducing the type of work which is usually being conducted within each of their expertise areas with regards to product development. Then, the two move onto introducing their common viewpoint on the importance of combining and studying how the ever-present intrinsic and extrinsic factors interact, and give examples of its application.

The presentation will include small demonstrations that online viewers can participate in by going to a specified web link. The demonstrations will showcase customized visual and auditory stimuli. Online viewers will be told ahead of time what kind of food to obtain for the demonstration (likely chocolate).

The presenters are:

Line Ahm Mielby
I am a sensory and consumer scientist and a food scientist by training. I work as a post doc within sensory and consumer science at Department of Food Science, Aarhus University. I have a versatile background within the many facets of sensory and consumer science and thrive in applying sensory and consumer techniques in interdisciplinary projects. I really enjoy many aspects of the sensory and consumer science space but one of my large research interests is to seek new ways of improving the methods and procedures we apply in order to tap into real life situations as much as possible.
Qian Janice Wang
I’m an experimental psychologist and computer scientist by training (not to mention pastry chef and wine educator!). I work as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. My research examines multisensory flavour perception and preference, with a focus on how environmental (like background music) and cognitive factors (like expertise) can modify and enhance the way we perceive food and drink. I completed my PhD at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford, where I specialised in sound-taste interactions. Before Oxford, I explored the intersection between music, food, design, and technology at the MIT Media Lab. My work spans psychological experiments, technological enhancements, and multisensory performances.