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Food Innovation Talk(FIT) is a 30 min. online livestream to share knowledge and inspire to food innovation from Danish Food Cluster. This FIT is presented by Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF) on June 18 at 13.00 CET.

Making the world a better place – meal by meal
by Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF)

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Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF) is a non-profit organization founded by Danish doctors in 1896. We are an association for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who wishes to support a plant-based way of living. One of our primary goals is to advance the vegetarian lifestyle in Denmark and disseminate information about the advantages of cutting down on animal products – for the sake of humans, non-human animals and global sustainability alike. Every meal counts!

How can you benefit from this Food Innovation Talk?

You will get:

  • Knowledge from the leading company in Denmark within its field.
  • The opportunity to ask questions, live.

Presented by:

Katrine Ejlerskov, Project Manager for Business Relations and Organic Interests

Katrine Ejlerskov has since January 2019 been the project manager for business relations and organic interests in the Vegetarian Society of Denmark – an initiative supported by the Fund for Organic Agriculture. The main focus is to highlight the high demand for organic foods among vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians towards food producers and the food service sector. Because organic and plant-based food is a good match – not always seen by purchasers in supermarkets and producers.

Mette Fisker, Project Manager for Danish Network for Plant Proteins

Mette Fisker has since February 2020 been the Project Manager for ”Danish Network for Plant Proteins” supported by the Green Development and Demonstration Program under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark for a two-year project where the purpose is to disseminate knowledge, promote collaboration, and develop ideas, which help the plant-based transition in the Danish food industry.