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Dairy Research Conference 2019 – Stronger together – dairy research matching future demands

Dairy Research Conference takes place on 27 March 2019 at Hotel Legoland, Billund for the 5th time and is expected to attract approx. 200 professionals from the dairies, suppliers and universities who meet up to present and discuss the latest developments within dairy research. The day is kicked off with Jan Toft Nørgaard’s take on how we can become even stronger when working together across the value chain, across sectors and across Companies, Research and Technology Organizations and Universities. Jan Toft Nørgaard is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Arla Foods. The topics are following and presented by national and international speakers:

  • Sustainable production
  • Dairy products in a globalized world
  • Food design – from molecular interaction to excellent eating
  • Healthy and nutritious choices
  • Digitalization and automation
  • Future consumer demands.

A day full of innovation

The Dairy Research Conference has evolved over the years, taking input from the participants into account. One of the innovations this time will be the ’tour de science’ that will take the participants through interactive stops, where the latest developments within techniques and methodologies used to characterize food quality and safety will be highlighted and where the audience will be introduced to the latest science pertaining to properties of ingredients and dairy products. By the end of a, hopefully, fruitful day, a joint dinner is held to allow for further networking.

The presentation will be in English, but we welcome questions in both Danish and English. You can find the program and registrer on www.dairyresearchday.dk.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Danish Dairy Research Foundation, Danish Society of Dairy Technology, Association of Msc in Dairy Science and Technology, Association of Dairy Managers and Specialists, and Danish Agriculture and Food Council.