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BioProtection 2.0 – new trends in preserving food with the help of nature

Food Innovation Talk(FIT) is a 30 min. livestream to share knowledge and inspire to food innovation from Danish Food Cluster. The first FIT is presented by ISI Food Protection on May 4 at 10.00 am.

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Find the live stream starting at 10.00 AM


Biotechnological processes for preserving food have already used for thousands of years, even though the underlying mechanisms were not understood. Today, biopreservation of foods is as relevant as ever before, because it is one of the few possible answers to what at first glance appears to be totally contradictory trends and demands. “Low-No-trends”, e.g. avoiding “E-numbers” or reducing salt, milder or minimal processing, convenience trends and complex distribution channels lead to food formulations and scenarios that provide better growth conditions for microorganisms, and consequently, increase the risk of untimely spoilage or of food safety risks.

There is thus a strong market need for natural food protection solutions, which can ensure both food safety and food shelf-life. One of the most promising approaches is biopreservation. This concept is based of using food-grade microorganisms or bacteriophages that have the potential to inhibit or eliminate unwanted microorganisms without changing the organoleptic characteristic of the biopreserved food. ISI Food Protection will give you an insight into new state-of-the-art technologies that enables food processors to monitor the microbial landscape in their products and will introduce current application-related trends how the new generation of biopreservatives can make food safer and more stable.


Marta Volpi – research scientist, ISI Food Protection

Maja Roer Peleg – project manager, ISI Food Protection

Dieter Elsser-Gravesen – managing director, ISI Food Protection