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EIT Food Innovation Prize

One of Europe’s largest startup competitions within agrifood

EIT Food is one of the largest food-related initiatives worldwide. This year, EIT Food has chosen Aarhus as one of 17 different European locations to hold the EIT Food Innovation Prize competition, Europe’s largest startup pitch competition in the agrifood vertical. Danish Food Cluster, Danish Food Innovation & EIT Food’s partner, Aarhus University, will host the EIT Food Innovation prize competition.

Up to 10 early stage startups will be selected from a pool of applicants for the opportunity to pitch their company to a carefully selected jury consisting of leading industry experts, for the chance to win 10,000 euro. Participating startups will get a portion of their travel expenses covered to attend the pitch competition in Aarhus on 6th September.

Three points on why you should participate

The program

The finalists

Isabel Alvarez- Martos
Isabel Alvarez- Martos Co-founder, CEO


Cellugy has a new innovative take on food packaging. Their product is called ecoFLEXY and it is made of 100% natural nano-cellulose polymer, which is a more sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging. It has the transparent look and the flexibility of conventional plastic but is a biomaterial, which makes it decomposable.

Carmen Masiá Calabuig
Carmen Masiá CalabuigCo-founder, CTO


CheeseItYourself wants to give consumers the opportunity to make a plant-based alternative for traditional dairy-based cheese. Their concept revolves around providing people with a mixture of ingredients, so the conscious consumer can produce their own plant-based cheese out of their legume food waste i.e. aquafaba. Thereby, they strive to engage people in reducing food waste.

Aviaja Riemann-Andersen
Aviaja Riemann-Andersen Co-founder, CEO

Circular Food Technology

Circular Food Technology is a company with a vision to up-cycle the waste that is created from the brewing industry. They want to help resolve the future problems of lacking resources by turning Brewer’s Spent Grains (BSG) into new foods. The BSG products are high on both fibres and protein, and Circular Food Technology strive to make their products alternatives to the industrialised foods we see everywhere today.

Ziv Zwighaft
Ziv ZwighaftCo-founder, CEO


Low2No is a company who wants to address the health issues of calorie heavy foods. Their contribution to this is an alternative to the refined sugar that many foods and beverages contain. The alternative is an epimer of fructose called allulose, which the human body does not metabolise the same way as table sugar. Alloluse has close to zero calories, and produces only small increases in blood glucose and insulin levels.

Ilaria Di Meo
Ilaria Di MeoSustainability analyst


Lupinta has created an alternative for the soy-based products that take a great part ofthe vegan and vegetarian food industry. Their alternatives to meat and dairy are made of lupin beans. The reason for why Lupinta believes there is a need for an alternatives is their concern on the soy production industry and its environmental impact from e.g. transporting the soy from Brazil and the US to Europe.

Christopher Kjølby Jensen
Christopher Kjølby Jensen Co-founder, CEO

NatuRem Bioscience

NatuRem Bioscience has developed sustainable food ingredients products made out of microalgae ingredients. They use industrial fermentation to process the microalgae, thus making them into ingredients that can be used for various food products. Their vision is to address the great challenges with modern agriculture, reduced biodiversity, CO2 emission, and contamination of our dinking water and the oceans.

Solveig Felbo
Solveig Felbo Co-founder, CEO


RaaHandel has created a B2B marketplace in which smaller sustainable food producers can find their way into restaurants, supermarkets, shops etc. RaaHandel’s  idea is thus to have a gathered marketplace where producers and resellers can meet, and where the payment and supply agreements etc. can be solved under safe circumstances.

Arjun Chaganty
Arjun Chaganty Co-founder, CEO


RightMash has a vision to fight food waste, but in a new innovative way. They are providing consumers with a platform where they can order food that matches the individual consumer’s eating habits and/or nutritional needs. The food is delivered in jars specially made to measure the consumer’s intake and time of consumption, hence calculating their needs.

Katrine Søndergård
Katrine Søndergård Co-founder, CEO


Tracezilla wants to help smaller companies in the food industry manage their costs and keep track on regulatory requirements. They have created a cloud-based digital solution in which the companies can gather all of these mandatory information, documents, and numbers etc. The idea is to have this timesaving solution so the smaller companies can easily manage all the regulatory requirements and documentations.

Do you want the most out of your visit to Aarhus?

The week where EIT Food Innovation Prize takes place is not just any week, it is known as DK Food Week. A week where the food innovation in Denmark is blooming and many other interesting things take place.

Read about DK Food Week


If you have other questions in relation to the EIT Food Innovation Prize, please take a look at the FAQ on EIT Food Innovation Prize’s own page (find the FAQ by scrolling to the middle of the page).

EIT-Food & Danish Food Cluster in Aarhus

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