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Denmark: Vegetarian world leader?

The Danish food-ball team consists of international leading players within meat and dairy. Is our next leading player a vegetarian one? Find out more in the article and in a Foodpod Denmark podcast.

Denmark is a diary country, which accounts for more than 20 percent of the total Danish agricultural exports. Denmark is a meat country especially pig meat, with being the one country in the world with the highest number of pigs per citizin. A country housing international giant like Arla Foods and Danish Crown – members of Danish Food Cluster from the beginning.

However, Denmark is also a country with young Millennials, constituting of 1/5 of the population and 1/4 of the workforce in Denmark, who are choosing to eat vegetarian food at least once a week. And a vegetarian consumer group that has doubled since 2010

And with the growing consumer group a growing number of Danish vegetarian players are flourishing and one of them is Naturli’ Foods.

The last four years has been an innovation rollercoaster towards the sky to improve quality and decrease price,” says Henrik Lund, in the podcast.

Naturli’s first alternative to minced meat had a successfully launch in Denmark in January 2018, which only a few month later was introduced on markets in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Australia and UK.

The green development also pushes to the large players as Tulip, subsidiary of Danish Crown:

“At Tulip we want to ensure that meat stays relevant, but we also want to offer consumers alternatives to meat. We want to meet the trend with new meat products, but at the same time we want to be relevant in situations, where consumers would normally choose a meat product, but now want green products,” Mette Schacht Færch Senior Director, Marketing and Innovation at Tulip, has stated in a previous article to Danish Food Cluster.

Secretary-general of the Danish Vegetarian Society, Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl belives that Denmark could become a green world leader:

I absolutely believe that. The fact is that lot of the knowledge need not to be animal specific. It has a lot to do with general skills in everything from foodsafety, production, technology, ideas, being innovative and creative,” he says in the podcast.

Hear the entire story, where you will discover Naturli’s secret to success, in the podcast “The Day of the Plants” by Foodpod Denmark below.

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