Danish start-ups get support for solutions for the elderly

FermBiotics ApS and Lactobio ApS will receive €80,000 from Danish Food Cluster through EU project INCluSilver to develop probiotic-based solutions

Fermbiotics ApS from Southern Jutland and Lactobio ApS from Copenhagen have just been selected to receive financial support for their innovative projects within personalised nutrition for the elderly. Both companies work with probiotics and gut health, but one specialises in fermented plant products, while the other carries out research into new probiotic strains. One of the projects revolves around the creation of a dietary supplement based on lactic acid fermented plant and seaweed protein to help older patients with high cholesterol, and the other project works with research into probiotic solutions to combat gut infections. With a total of €80,000 (approx. half a million kroner) in support from INCluSilver, the companies now have the chance to go forward with their projects.

We are extremely happy that precisely our project was chosen. It gives us the opportunity to speed up the processes regarding the launch of a dietary supplement for the 50+ segment. We are very excited to get started,” says Søren Kjærulff, CEO of FermBiotics ApS.

The INCluSilver project is no stranger to supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is the project’s second time doling out funding to innovative projects, and within the next month, a total of €425,000 (over 3 million kroner) will be distributed to 11 SMEs from 6 different countries in this 2ndround of applications for the development of their solutions and concepts within nutritional innovation for the elderly.

Among the chosen companies are Danish start-ups FermBiotics ApS and Lactobio ApS, both of whom are supported by Danish Food Cluster, INCluSilver’s partner in Denmark.

By funding these two projects, INCluSilver creates the opportunity to support the rising interest in lifestyle diseases related to imbalances in gut flora. More and more research is taking place in this field, with more and more positive results emerging,” explains Nikolai Milman, Project Manager at Danish Food Cluster.   

The Danish projects represent three out of INCluSilver’s five collaborative sectors: agro-food, health, packaging, ICT, and creative industries.

Another chance for Danish SMEs

INCluSilver’s 3rdround of application is open until Friday, 15 September 2018, and SMEs can apply for 3 types of innovation vouchers that range in value from €3,000 to €60,000. Cross-sectoral ideas encompassing as many of the five collaborative sectors as possible have a particular advantage.

INCluSilver doesn’t just want to ensure the development of innovative projects. It also wants to support companies in creating a whole new network within Europe. A network where the INCluSilver partners are willing to help companies take the necessary next steps to achieve success with their projects,” says Nikolai Milman of Danish Food Cluster.

Danish Food Cluster’s work with SMEs is also supported by the Region of Central Denmark.

Besides funding, INCluSilver also hosts entrepreneurial events where SMEs from across Europe can network and inspire each other, effectively offering SMEs a fast track into European and international markets.

At the moment, INCluSilver’s partners and all interested companies are gathered in the Spanish centre of food innovation, Santiago de Compostela, to create new partnerships and hold INCluSilver’s first workshop for SMEs.

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INCluSilver is Europe’s biggest project to date for better solutions within personalised nutrition for Europe’s growing Silver Economy. The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme and unites nine partner countries from across Europe, encompassing seven clusters and two universities from five sectors, a distinguished panel of experts, and almost 900 SMEs.

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