Danish nutritional solutions receives million euro funding - Danish Food Cluster

Danish nutritional solutions receives million euro funding

Two Danish start-ups get 120,000 euros to develop new solutions that can help older citizens fight malnutrition and immobility and create new opportunities for export. The funding comes from the EU project INCluSilver, where Danish Food Cluster is one of nine partners.

There is great news on the horizon for the innovative forces at Movesca and Sens.

The companies’ innovative solutions for personalised nutrition for the elderly have earned them 120,000 euro in funding from the EU project INCluSilver for the development of said solutions to fight the onset of malnutrition in older adults.

We are over the moon about being chosen because it gives us the opportunity to complete the project, and it’s very exciting and challenging to work on a cross-sectoral project like this. And we’re really looking forward to getting started,” says Jon Henningsen, CEO of Movesca ApS.

Both Movesca’s and Sens’ projects are focused on improving the Danish healthcare sector through the development of IT-based solutions that can help hospitals and the municipal nursing sector work together when it comes to older patients’ nutrition, health, and level of physical activity. The projects’ goal is to get more elderly patients to eat healthier and exercise, while simultaneously making it easier for healthcare personnel to monitor the patients’ condition.

Close to 5 million kroner will be given out in this first round of applications by the EU project INCluSilver. The thirteen selected small and medium enterprises (SMEs) come from six countries and will receive funding for the development of their ideas within the field of personalised nutrition for the elderly. Two of the thirteen recipients are from Denmark.

We have received many applications with unique ideas, but the ones that really stand out are the ones that have the potential to improve the quality of life for the growing number of older citizens, as well as be new drivers for export within the food sector,” says Nikolai Milman, Project Manager at Danish Food Cluster.

Even though the selected SMEs are all working towards the common goal of creating personalised nutrition solutions for the elderly, their projects differ greatly, ranging from tech that can monitor rehabilitation to the development of personalised diets.

New application round next month

The Danish projects represent the two sectors health and ICT out of INCluSilver’s five collaborative sectors: agro-food, health, packaging, ICT, and creative industries.

The next round of applications is open until Thursday, 15 March 2018, and Danish SMEs can choose between 3 types of innovation vouchers that range in value from €3,000 to €60,000. Projects that involve collaboration across the five sectors have a particular advantage.

The boundaries between different fields and clusters are blurring more and more, and the ideas that will change the future of food combine knowledge from across sectors,” says Nikolai Milman of Danish Food Cluster.

Besides funding, INCluSilver hosts entrepreneurial events where SMEs from across Europe can network and inspire each other, effectively offering SMEs a fast track into European and international markets.

About INCluSilver

INCluSilver is Europe’s biggest project to date for better solutions within personalised nutrition for Europe’s growing Silver Economy. The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme and unites nine partner countries from across Europe, encompassing seven clusters and two universities from five sectors, a distinguished panel of experts, and almost 900 SMEs. For more information see here, or visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter at: @inclusilver.

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