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Søren Kjærulff, CEO of FermBiotics ApS

Danish Food Cluster member get support for solutions for the elderly

FermBiotics ApS, member of Danish Food Cluster, received €60,000 from Danish Food Cluster through EU project INCluSilver to develop Fermentation-based solutions. Now almost two products are on their online shopping-shelves.

Fermbiotics ApS from Southern Jutland was selected to receive financial support for their innovative projects within personalized nutrition for the elderly. The company works with lactic acid bacteria fermentationand gut health, and the project they received support for evolved around the creation of a dietary supplement based on lactic acid fermented plant and seaweed protein to help older patients with high cholesterol.

One product resulted in two actual products

Our first product was based on canola seed shells. The firstconsumer test showed extremely positive results, but we later found out that canola seed meal wascategorized as novel food – so we ended up creating an amazing product for animal gut health,” Søren explains. So Søren and his team simply found another great raw material to work with. Mustard seeds.

We already have some promising indications on our product. So far, we have learned a lot from the project, it has given us new insights, which we can use moving forward.”

Half a million Danish kroner
With €60,000 (approx. half a million Danish kroner) in support from INCluSilver, it gave FermBiotics the opportunity to go forward with their project.

We were extremely happy that precisely our project was chosen. It gave us the opportunity to speed up the processes regarding the launch of a dietary supplement for the 50+ segment,” says Søren Kjærulff, CEO of FermBiotics ApS.

The INCluSilver project is no stranger to supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). FermBiotics received support as part of INCluSilver’s second round of doling out funding to innovative projects. Like FermBiotics, the Danish start-up Lactobio ApS also received funding.

By funding these two projects, INCluSilver creates the opportunity to support the rising interest in lifestyle diseases related to imbalances in gut flora. More and more research is taking place in this field, with more and more positive results emerging,” explains Nikolai Milman, Project Manager at Danish Food Cluster.   

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