Food Finder Academy

Danish Food Cluster launches first education portal of its kind

Finding the right training or further education programme for employees used to be a challenge in the food business. Now Food Finder Academy gives an instant overview.

Danish Food Cluster has launched the first national online platform that gathers all training and further education opportunities for Denmark’s food sector in one, easily accessible place – bringing time-consuming web searches to a welcome end.

Using Food Finder Academy, companies and employees can pin down the right programme for their needs in minutes. For universities, colleges and other programme providers, it’s a new channel for raising awareness of the many food-related training and education possibilities they have on offer.

Food Finder Academy

‘A fantastic resource’
One of the companies that will use the platform is potato-based ingredients producer KMC, where HR manager Eva Remmer Søndergaard has first-hand experience of the challenges when trying to find the best competence development opportunities for individual employees.

“We have often felt like we were trying to find our way through a jungle. Food Finder Academy gives an instant overview. It’s a fantastic resource for us.”

A sneak peak on Food Finder Academy

A matchmaking win-win
The platform is the latest addition to Food Finder, the online knowledge portal introduced by Danish Food Cluster in 2018. Here, small and medium-sized food companies in particular can gain an overview of available innovation resources to support their businesses.

“Food Finder Academy is a win-win for providers of training and further education programmes and for people who want to develop their knowledge and skills,” says Lone Ryg Olsen, Danish Food Cluster CEO.

“As matchmaking is one of the key services we provide at Danish Food Cluster, we are pleased to play a role in linking would-be course participants with course providers.”

More than 110 opportunities so far
Business Region Aarhus and VIA University College initiated the project to develop Food Finder Academy. At its launch, the platform covers more than 110 opportunities from some of Denmark’s major academic institutions and course providers, with more on the way.

Mayor of Horsens Peter Sørensen welcomes the platform on behalf of Business Region Aarhus.

“This national platform satisfies a demand that we have heard from the many food-related companies in our region. These companies have a growing need for highly qualified employees, which the platform can help secure. We expect it to be a strong tool for regional business centres in their sparring with companies in the food sector.”

Danish Food Cluster has run the development of Food Finder Academy with funding from Business Region Aarhus and Central Denmark Region.

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