Danish Food Cluster enters Christiansborg - Danish Food Cluster

Danish Food Cluster enters Christiansborg

Photo credit: Sofie Kohsel

Danish Food Cluster, that has members representing about 75 percent of the trade in the Danish food cluster, wants to move closer to Christiansborg. In fact, all the way into Christiansborg.

Therefore, the organisation hosts their annual cluster gathering at Chtistiansborg, where the Danish Minister of Food, Mogens Jensen, has promised to be amongst the attendances. He will talk about his view on the opportunities of the food business on the new government’s highly green agenda.

– How does this new agenda influence the food industry? And how do we get the industry and the government to work together to reach the government’s ambitious goals? Was one of Danish Food Cluster’s questions leading up to the meeting on 5 March.

 The annual cluster gathering used to have the name ”A Great Day for Food Innovation” and it is usually located at one of the members, latest at Carlsberg and Møllerup Gods. But in the light of a green demand from the Industry, the event has this time been renamed “A Green Day for Food Innovation” and moved to Christiansborg.

Photo credit: Sofie Kohsel

– Our experience is that more and more corporates want to work with green goals and SDGs (the UN’s sustainable development goals). And we all know that we need new green and innovative solutions to reach the high ambitions of the new government. Innovation is a team effort, which is why the new solutions have to be found in collaboration, states Lone Ryg Olsen, CEO of Danish Food Cluster.

The work with the green goals and the SDGs also includes raw materials suppliers, and Danish Food Cluster has therefore invited Anne Arhnung, CEO of Danish Agriculture & Food Council to talk about their ambitions in regard to becoming CO2 neutral.

The event at Christiansborg is open to everyone and thereby not only members of Danish Food Cluster.

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