A new partnership was formed in Tel Aviv. From left; Carmit Oron, Israel Initiative, Tue David Bak,  Innovation Center Denmark – Tel Aviv, Michal Drayman, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Esben Laulund, Chr. Hansen, Anders Kühnau, Central Denmark Region, Erel Margalit, Israel Initiative, Lone Ryg Olsen, Danish Food Cluster, Jacob Stengaard Madsen, Central Denmark Region and Niels Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University.

Danish Food Cluster builds bridge to Israeli super-hub

Danish Food Cluster is partnering with the Start-Up Nation to bring new ideas and partners to Denmark – and also pave the way for more international alliances.

A highway for food innovation to flow between one on the world’s leading start-up hubs and the Danish food sector. That is the objective of the new partnership between the organisation Danish Food Cluster and two key actors of the Israeli food tech cluster; The start-up incubator The Kitchen by Strauss and Israel Initiative 2020 led by Israel’s leading social entrepreneur Erel Margalit .

The Kitchen, the official food tech partner of the Israel Innovation Authority, is situated in Tel Aviv – the most startup-dense city in the world. According to CEO of Danish Food Cluster, Lone Ryg Olsen, the partnership with The Kitchen will bring ground-breaking ideas, innovative partners and new business opportunities to the historically strong Danish food sector.

If we are to keep our positions as one of the leading centres for food innovation, we have to stay ahead of the new tech and trends and no one could be better equipped to challenge us and grow with us than the sizzling food tech scene in Israel.”

The Israeli start up hub has one of highest percentage of start-ups developing products that’s first of its kind according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017. And numerous reports places Israel as the number one worldwide in terms of having the highest amount of venture capital invested per capita.

Moreover, the innovation is not limited to Tel Aviv. The Galilee, at the Northern part of Israel is destined to be a new food tech hub, led by Erel Margalit and his organization “Israel Initiative 2020”, which is backed by government funding and strong support from private partners. In collaboration with a range of Danish Food Cluster members, Danish Food Cluster will be part of the partnership between the budding hub and Denmark.

Carmit Oron, Executive Director at Foodtech Israel Innovation Community at Israel Initiative 2020 in partnership with ministry of economic, sees a strong partner in Danish Food Cluster:

The Danish knowledge institutions have extensive knowhow within food development, the Danish food companies have a strong track record in developing world leading positions, and the Danish collaborative cluster approach is a great example for us.”

As a result of the new partnership a range of Israeli start-ups and investors, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, is visiting Aarhus in September for European Food Venture Forum.

And while Danish Food Cluster is looking forward to its visitors the next step is already in the making, says Lone Ryg Olsen from Danish Food Cluster:

We believe that this alliance can be expanded to cover a number of the most innovative food hubs in the world – growing ideas, investments and talent not only for the sake of the business case but also to provide the much-needed global food solutions.

The collaboration is part of Central Denmark Region’s focus on strengthening the food innovation not just in the region but the entire country.

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Pictures from the trip to Israel

Chair of Strauss Group, Ofra Strauss, welcomes a stronger collaboration between the Danish and the Israeli hubs. From left; Jacob Stengaard Madsen, Central Denmark Region, Lone Ryg Olsen, Danish Food Cluster, Niels Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University, Ofra Strauss, Strauss Group, Anders Kühnau, Central Denmark Region, Esben Laulund, Chr. Hansen and Tue David Bak, Innovation Center Denmark – Tel Aviv.

Israel’s leading social entrepreneur Erel Margalit, right, presenting his vision for Israel Initiative 2020.

“If you can’t stand the heat – stay out of the kitchen, But if your vision is to disrupt the food industry, we’d love to hear from you” – ‘slogan’ by The Kitchen

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