The daily struggle for food safety

Despite the huge effort to eradicate food poisoning, the food industry is still tormented with few but serious incidents of spoiled food. The cost at stake for both consumers and producers can be large, and therefore it must be considered useful for all food producers to be up-to date with the latest knowledge about the new methods to ensure food safety.

In the light of this, the network Muscled Based Food hosted the seminar Food safety in the meat industry on the 13th December in Agro Food Park. At the seminar participants from food companies, knowledge institutions and advisors gained insight into practical methods to evaluate hygienic design of production processes, risk management in theory and practice, and future preservation methods.

Some of the points from the speakers were that consumers as well as producers often take food safety for granted, however constant attention is required in order to keep the food free of dangerous levels of bacteria – especially among the employees, who are the ones closest to the food. In the fight for food safety the means are good routines, thorough introductions for new employees and a focus on food safety among the board of directors – even in a busy weekday.

Erik Kam, Chief Consultant at Landbrug & Fødevarer opened the seminar with a presentation about the market value of food safety and the future demands of consumer, which is rising, when it comes to food safety.

Marianne Halberg Larsen, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen, followed with a talk about food safety and the food safety culture in small meat companies.

After that Anne Elsser-Gravesen, CEO at ISI Food Protection, made a presentation about food safety and durability without conventional preservative, and what can be achieved with biopreservation in relation to durability.

A presentation followed about hygienic design by Henrik Ebbe Fallesen, Test Manager at DTU Center for Hygienic Design and Kim Petersen, Technical Manager at FoodSafe A/S.

The seminar ended with a presentation about antifouling surfaces that prevents bacterial biofilms by Rikke Meyer, Associate Professor at Aarhus University.

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