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From B2B to your front door 

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Picture: One of DeliDrops delicious breakfast offers From B2B to your front door  Danish Food Cluster member, DeliDrop, has decided to make the best out of the corona-crisis. A crisis that has put a temporary end to their usual business and made them rethink their concept.    Turning the whole business around DeliDrop used to deliver delicious drinks and snacks from start-up companies to hotels, cafés, and restaurants. But, the Covid-19 pandemic put a complete end to that in an unknown period of time. Therefore, the B2B company decided to turn their whole business around. [...]

Corona almost killed the apple adventure

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Corona almost killed the apple adventure The corona virus shut down Denmark. For Danish Food Cluster member Gyldensteen, this led to a 70 % drop in turnover from one day to the next. Now the company is rethinking itself and hopes that the retail chains will step up. It all started years ago when the 13th generation of the Gyldensteen-Bernstorff family, Peter Bernstorff and his wife Nynne Bernstorff decided to return from a suit-and-tie adventure abroad to start an apple-and-rubber-boots-adventure at the Gyldensteen estate on Fyn. A successful apple adventure that came to an abrupt stop [...]

IFRC and Nestlé launch Danish and global corona collaboration (news in Danish)

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Røde Kors og Nestlé i dansk og globalt Corona-samarbejde Danish Food Cluster medlem, Nestlé, er gået sammen med IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent) som reaktion på IFRCs nødappel om specialindsats over for udbredelsen af Corona-virus (COVID-19-pandemien). ”Røde Kors og Nestlé blev begge oprettet for over 150 år siden. Organisationerne har fælles rødder i Schweiz og er til stede i næsten alle lande i verden. Vi deler fælles værdier, herunder en vilje til at gøre en forskel på jorden. Som en del af beredskabet yder IFRC øjeblikkelig hjælp til at styrke sundhedsvæsenet, hvor [...]

Corona crisis: Less steaks and more rye bread

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Picture: Sif Meincke. Copyright: Dansk Industri Leif Nielsen, Director at Danish Food and Drink Federation Corona crisis: Less steaks and more rye bread The current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has already left a mark on the Danish food industry. Danish Food and Drink Federation sees changes in the demands from the general public, which has turned everything upside down. Restaurants under pressure from a closed society According to Leif Nielsen, Director at Danish Food and Drink Federation and Board Member of Danish Food Cluster, the Danes’ changed shopping habits during the corona lock-down has had a visible [...]

Danish Crown gives 100,000 meals (news in Danish)

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Danish Crown forærer 100.000 måltider væk This news was first published on Food Supply on April 6th 2020.  På trods af smitterisikoen arbejder frivillige i de danske hjælpeorganisationer ufortrødent videre for at hjælpe de mest udsatte i Danmark. Det arbejde bakker Danish Crown nu op om ved at donere 100.000 måltider til fire sociale organisationer, fortæller Kirkens Korshær i en pressemeddelelse. Kirkens Korshær er en af de fire hjælpeorganisationer - de tre andre er Blå Kors, Frelsens Hær og KFUM's Sociale Arbejde. "Vi er meget taknemmelige. Det er en virkelig flot donation, som helt bestemt kan mærkes [...]

Industrial laundries are designed to stop infections

By | 2020-04-14T08:00:38+00:00 April 14th, 2020|Categories: corona, News|

Industrial laundries are designed to stop infections Danish Food Cluster member, DFD – De Forenede Damvaskerier – is still operating its laundries during the corona crisis. In fact, the laundries play an important role in disinfecting uniforms used in the food sector through correct laundry procedures. Good hygiene behavior is already a regular part of everyday life at DFD’s laundries. Therefore, the basis for handling textiles exposed to infection is already very optimal. The laundries operating within the food sector complies with all sector standards, i.e. ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and DS 2451-8 among others. Through [...]

Juice company restructures its production to produce hand disinfection (news in Danish)

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Picture credit: Food Supply Juicefabrik omlægger produktionen til håndsprit This news was first published on Food Supply on March 23rd 2020.  Håndsprit er blevet en mangelvare på de danske hospitaler og hjemme hos danskerne under coronakrisen. Derfor er flere virksomheder blevet opfordret til at omlægge produktionen til håndsprit, og nu kommer der hjælp fra en uventet kant, skriver TV2 Øst. Juicefabrikken Seimei på Lolland har således besluttet at stoppe produktionen af juice og andre drikkevarer i den kommende uge og i stedet fremstille håndsprit. Det oplyser direktør i Seimei Allan Feldt. Normalt sælger Seimei sine drikkevarer [...]

New technology will nudge us out of the corona crisis

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New technology will nudge us out of the corona crisis Danish Food Cluster member, Bunker43, has launched a new technology that will help the Danes improve their hand hygiene. A product that is a godsend in the middle of the corona crisis. 30 percent of all employees and patients at hospitals wash their hands after a visit to the toilet. The number is from a study conducted by Rigshospitalet. A surpricing number – especially in the middle of a crisis, where hand hygiene is in focus. But help is coming. The name is Cleana. A simple [...]

Do postponed trade shows and the corona crisis obstruct your export sales?

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Do postponed trade shows and the corona crisis obstruct your export sales? You can and should build your pipeline now so you have hot leads when the world is open for business. How? Our member, Danish Export Association, is ready to help you via a webinar. Danish Export Association is hosting a webinar together with Brian Stahlhut Christiansen. The webinar takes place on April 1st, 2 PM. How to sell? How to prioritize your efforts to ensure sales now and in the long run? How to build your pipeline with new hot leads? How to use online [...]

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