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Bilka Innovation is a unique opportunity for innovative food producers, to present their products for the buyers in Salling Group.

The whole idea behind this project is to give small producers a chance to get feedback and potentially sales in retail through easy access. Danish Food Cluster and Bilka have joined forces in an attempt to make this happen.

This is a unique chance for the small producers to get in touch with one on Denmarks largest retailers and get feedback on their products.

Bilka Innovation will not take place during 2019 – if interested, please contact Thomas Hornbæk Jakobsen,

The marketplace

The marketplace will be build at Salling Groups headquarter in Aarhus. Here producers will have the opportunity for presenting their products for buyers and professionals from Salling, Netto, føtex and Bilka who will be looking for new innovative products.


Salling Group has a set of requirements for becoming a supplier. To become part of Bilka Innovation, you need to fulfill the same requirements, to increase the relevance for you and the buyers.
For questions about participation or the project in general, contact Thomas Jakobsen,

Pictures from the latest Bilka Marketplace event

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