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Innovation event led to the birth of a new company

By | 2019-02-12T15:07:32+00:00 February 12th, 2019|Categories: Succes story|

Søren Kjærullff, CEO of Fermbiotics Innovation event led to the birth of a new company The international event took place for the first time in 2017 and was established by Danish Food Cluster. With the overall theme ‘Health and nutrition – through healthy food’ Danish Food Cluster posed the following challenge to participants, companies, experts and students: How can we meet the consumer needs related to better and healthier food? The heart of the event was a unique and open innovation concept where the industry met the research world in order to share knowledge [...]

Apple juice and app is going to strengthen the Danish elderly

By | 2019-02-11T15:13:31+00:00 February 11th, 2019|Categories: Succes story|

Apple juice and app is going to strengthen the Danish elderly With funding from Danish Food Cluster project, INCluSilver, two companies can now put their idea into operation – a new innovative combination of training and protein-juice is going to strengthen the elderly at the Danish domiciliary care.  The stronger the Danish elderly are, the greater the quality of life and independence they have in their own homes. This is the foundation of a new and innovative collaboration, where elderly people in municipal domiciliary care will be offered tailored strength training and protein juice to help the [...]

  • FermBiotic Danish Food Cluster member

Danish Food Cluster member get support for solutions for the elderly

By | 2019-02-12T15:07:21+00:00 February 11th, 2019|Categories: Succes story|

Søren Kjærulff, CEO of FermBiotics ApS Danish Food Cluster member get support for solutions for the elderly FermBiotics ApS, member of Danish Food Cluster, received €60,000 from Danish Food Cluster through EU project INCluSilver to develop Fermentation-based solutions. Now almost two products are on their online shopping-shelves. Fermbiotics ApS from Southern Jutland was selected to receive financial support for their innovative projects within personalized nutrition for the elderly. The company works with lactic acid bacteria fermentationand gut health, and the project they received support for evolved around the creation of a dietary supplement based on [...]

  • Bilka innovation

Building bridge between small and big

By | 2019-02-11T14:53:08+00:00 February 11th, 2019|Categories: Succes story|

Building bridge between small and big Small food producers are getting help passing the tough retail doormen and Salling Group are exposed to the hot food products on market in a cooperation between Danish Food Cluster and their member Salling Group. To many innovative food producers, the supermarket buyers are tough doormen, difficult to pass, in getting their products through to the retail shelves. The road to the gold at the end of the rainbow is possible Salling Group has opened the door to their buyers in this new cooperation with Danish Food Cluster – a [...]

How do you Brexit?

By | 2019-02-11T10:53:26+00:00 February 11th, 2019|Categories: News|

How do you Brexit? Get the preparation kit from the Danish Ministy of Environment and Food that will make your company ready for when Britain leaves the EU.  29 March 2019 is the date Britain leaves the EU. But currently there are great insecurity about how the Brexit deal will look. DEAL If Britain and EU agrees on a deal, there will be a transitional arrangement, where trade will continue as usual until end 2020.  NO DEAL If Britain leaves the EU without a deal, new rules for import and export become effective from 29 March [...]

New cluster collaboration is going to improve the health of weak elderly

By | 2019-02-07T13:35:18+00:00 February 7th, 2019|Categories: Succes story|

New cluster collaboration is going to improve the health of weak elderly A new digital platform is going to help the nursing and healthcare sectors communicate about weak elderly patients’ dietary intake to improve their overall health. A new collaboration between two clusters may be part of the solution to one of the big challenges facing the healthcare industry in regard to the nutritional state and health of elderly patients. The solution will be tailored to meet the healthcare needs of the individual patient. It’s the clusters for food and health technology, Danish Food Cluster and MedTech [...]

  • nye medarbejdere Danish Food Cluster

A blooming cluster-office

By | 2019-02-05T09:37:19+00:00 February 4th, 2019|Categories: News|

A blooming cluster-office Thriving innovation calls for more manpower! Danish Food Cluster is welcoming two new faces to the office – new blood that will help take the innovation buzz to the max in the food hub. The new year brings new talent to the cluster’s core, as Sine Riisager and Anders Iversen have joined the cluster team. And the two candidates possess certain qualities that match exactly what Danish Food Cluster was looking for. “Both Anders and Sine are great facilitators with a collaborative mindset and a passion for food innovation, and the expansion at [...]

  • Eva Remmer S KMC

Danish Food Cluster launches first education portal of its kind

By | 2019-02-11T08:39:16+00:00 February 4th, 2019|Categories: News, Succes story|

Danish Food Cluster launches first education portal of its kind Finding the right training or further education programme for employees used to be a challenge in the food business. Now Food Finder Academy gives an instant overview. Danish Food Cluster has launched the first national online platform that gathers all training and further education opportunities for Denmark’s food sector in one, easily accessible place – bringing time-consuming web searches to a welcome end. Using Food Finder Academy, companies and employees can pin down the right programme for their needs in minutes. For universities, colleges and other [...]

  • danish food innovation

Well-being as a global food trend?

By | 2019-02-05T15:04:25+00:00 January 31st, 2019|Categories: News|

Well-being as a global food trend? Want to sell to the global consumers? Look towards well-being, the new global food trend. New analysis and first event in Danish Food Innovation, the official innovation network for food. What does the global consumer want? The short answer is “well-being” according to one of the researchers behind the analysis, which is conducted by the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University, who specialises in research on consumer behaviour within the area of foods and drinks. ”Within the last two decades, many food trends have revolved around the consumers’ desire for well-being. [...]

Danish Food Cluster is looking for an intern

By | 2019-01-16T09:04:38+00:00 January 16th, 2019|Categories: News|

Danish Food Cluster is looking for an intern Do you want to work with communication, marketing and innovation and help put Denmark on the map? In Danish Food Cluster we are looking for an intern who wants to work within marketing and communication and be an integrated asset in our daily work. We offer an exclusive opportunity to gain insight in the food sector and kick-start your network with both small and big companies from the entire food value chain.  We need you Through different activities we offer our members an opportunity to [...]

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