A tribute to the underdogs - Danish Food Cluster

A tribute to the underdogs

It’s the small food companies, the women, and the Vejle area who steal the spotlight among the nominees for the Food Innovator Award 2018.

Worms, plant-based beefs, and Michelin stars in the province.

This year’s nominees for the Food Innovator Award are a tribute to the new trends and growth opportunities the food industry. Furthermore, there is a new distribution of gender among the stars of the industry since 50 percent of the nominees are female.

It is great to see that it’s not only the established companies and names that count when we ask our members to point out those who make a difference for innovation in the food industry,” says Esben Laulund, Chairman of the Board at Danish Food Cluster.

The nominees are also representative of a new movement in the Vejle area where Restaurant Ti Trin Ned has picked up a Michelin star for Fredericia and Food Innovation House in Vejle is about to open. These developments have secured three nominations for the Vejle area.

This year, a special acknowledgement goes out to Naturli’ since Poul Agger, the creative mind behind the company’s products, won last year’s award, and Naturli’s current CEO Henrik Lund is among this year’s nominees after a highly successful market debut of their plant-based meat replacement a few weeks ago. In the field of new sources of protein, the insect company ENORM has also found its way to a nomination.

The Food Innovator Award is a personal acknowledgement to the men and women who make a difference for food innovation in the Danish food sector. As always, the award ceremony will take place at Danish Food Cluster’s annual event “A Great Day for Food Innovation”, held this year at Carlsberg Academy in Copenhagen on 15 March.

The award is sponsored by Marel who are particularly appreciative of Danish Food Cluster’s work in uniting the food industry.
Danish Food Cluster provides a framework for this bottomless ‘melting pot’ of ideas, collaboration, and innovation from companies across the whole food industry. Innovation is in Marel’s DNA, and we see great benefits in the collaboration within the food cluster, which is why we are proud to be able to contribute to the cluster by sponsoring the Food Innovator Award 2018,” says Henrik Ladefoged, Managing Director of Marel, Denmark.

The nominees for Food Innovator Award 2018:

  • Anne Elsser-Gravesen, Co-owner of ISI Food Protection
  • Henrik Lund, CEO of Naturli’ Foods
  • Jørgen Andersen, Director of Food Innovation House
  • Lasse Henrichsen, Founder and Owner of ENORM
  • Lisbeth Ankersen, Owner of InnovaConsult
  • Merete Bøgelund Munk, Industrial Postdoc, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen
  • Merete Myrup Christensen, Director of Dairy Nutrition at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • Mette Hvarre Gassner, Co-owner and Chef at Restaurant Ti Trin Ned
  • Rainer Gassner, Co-owner and Chef at Restaurant Ti Trin Ned
  • Poul Krabbe, Secretary at Fødevareklubben

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