From the left at the back: Erik Bisgaard, Mette Schacht Færch, Kurt Nielsen, Esben Laulund, Carl Bjarne Mikkelsen and Niels Osterland. From the left at the front: Leif Nielsen, Lise Berg Kildemark, Jørgen Andersen, Anna Maria Hansen and Klaus Jørgensen

A new board member of Danish Food Cluster

An interesting profile has been added to Danish Food Cluster – a Robin Hood to the small and medium-sized companies in the board. The cluster’s chairman and deputy chairman remain.

Innovation blood is running through the veins of Jørgen Andersen who has concerned himself with innovation for the last 20 years. And green blood is running through the veins of the new board member, who is CEO of the innovative playground in Vejle, Dandy Business Park, consisting of 6 houses – Food Innovation House being one of them.

“I have worked a great deal with green technology, and the food industry is facing a revolution the coming years, because what we eat in 20 years’ time is something completely different from what we eat today,” Jørgen Andersen pointed out.

Green is good, but it is the love for the small and medium-sized companies that determines Jørgen Andersen’s focus in the board at Danish Food Cluster:

I have worked with small and medium-sized companies for my entire life and they are the ones I care for. I want to be their voice in the cluster, assure that they can make use of the activities and I want to bring my network and eco-system into Danish Food Cluster,” a happy Jørgen Andersen says, shortly after he was admitted as a board member.

It was a joy and a victory because, compared to last year, all the seats on the board went to previous members. On the annual general meeting, 4 board member seats were up for election, and besides the choice of Jørgen Andersen, Carl Bjarne Mikkelsen, former Innovation Manager at Easis, was re-elected. Carl Bjarne Mikkelsen thus continues as a board member, now representing his own company Danature Foods. Moreover, Sr. Vice President Esben Laulund, Chr. Hansen and Associate Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen, Copenhagen University, were re-elected as board members.

The chairman of the Danish Food Cluster board, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, R&D at Chr. Hansen, is pleased with the level of commitment that surrounds the board:

It is lovely that so many people are running for a seat in the board, and it is great to feel the commitment from members in relation to becoming a part of the board. Now, we have a representative for the small companies, which make up the majority of our members. And now a strong new profile has joined the board, so I am very satisfied as chairman.

As a new initiative, the grouping of seats at the Danish Food Cluster board is changed, which means that the small companies now get a more prominent role by means of having their own category – a category that was previously shared with the GTS institutes. This is a result of the resignations of the regions. The new categories were decided at the extraordinary general meetings carried out throughout the winter months.

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