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Picture: From left Mona Juul, MP, Henrik Ladefoged, Marel, Timm Vladimir, Timm Vladimirs Køkken and Esben Laulund, Chr. Hansen and Chairman, Danish Food Cluster.

A chef takes the prize for the first time

The small companies once again took a great part of the nominations for the food innovation award. The winner of the Food Innovator Award beat the other strong candidates with his innovative culinary skills.

On 5 March, at the political headquarter in Copenhagen, a chef was for the first time honoured with the Food Innovator Award – a prize awarded every year by Danish Food Cluster to someone who has made a difference in the food industry.

The chef is called Timm Vladimir and he has been strengthened the Dane’s cooking curiosity since 2014 with his cooking school. A cooking school which he has managed to scale into the largest in Denmark. With 20,000 guests in 2019, Timm Vladimir has changed the Dane’s otherwise falling cooking enthusiasm. Studies from Madkulturen show that the Danes use less time in the kitchen and more money on takeaway. Thereby, they also lose track on how healthy and sustainable a meal is.

However, it is not only the former actor’s engagement in the average Dane’s cooking enthusiasm that secured him the innovation prize, it was also the ability to reach out to others:

Collaboration is one of the foundation stones in the Danish food industry and one of the reasons that the industry is leading today. It is important that the industry continues to innovate through collaboration, as it only strengthens us. The winner is a good example of this”, says Esben Laulund, chairman at Danish Food Cluster and Vice President at Chr. Hansen.

The Boatlove beer in collaboration with Mikkeller, vegetarian courses at the Food Festival, and the cookbook “Mad med respekt” made with Selina Jul and H.K.H Princess Marie, amongst others, which is supposed to help the Dane’s reduce food waste. That is only some of the collaborations that Timm Vladimir has done in 2019.

Timm Vladimir himself is happy to put focus on the Danes’ kitchen skills, as it has a great impact on society:

It’s an impressive team of nominees, so I’m surprised and very proud to have won. This award should go to the entire Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen team. It is important that the Danes take up the cooking again. We are heading down a path, where we see more and more convenience food. There is nothing wrong with that but we need to make the choice on an informed grund. We also do a lot to reach young people. They are the ones, who have to grow up and pass on their food knowledge to the next generations. Knowledge about food has an impact on health, climate, one’s private and society’s pocket book. You have to see it as a prevention tool.

The Food Innovator Award was handed out at Danish Food Cluster’s annual conference, which this year took a green turn:

The vision of this year’s conference has been to move the industry closer into Christiansborg. We want to investigate how the government’s ambitious agendas within food and climate can be transformed into good business”, says Lars Visbech Sørensen, Interim CEO, Danish Food Cluster.

This year’s nominees for the food innovation prize are a tribute to the small and medium sized companies, which for the third year in a row has taken half of the nominations for the prize.

The nominees for the Food Innovator Award 2020:

  • Ali Osman – Brannatura
  • Per Mandrup – Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv
  • Rune Theil – RockStart
  • Henrik Lund – Naturli’
  • Michael Allerup Nielsen – Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospital
  • Magnus Harrison – AM Breweries
  • Solvej Feldbo – Råhandel
  • Nicolai Jæpelt – Coop Crowdfunding
  • Timm Vladimir – Timm Vladimirs Køkken
  • Marie Nerup Mortensen – Aalborg Universitets Hospital
  • Dorte Petersen – Teknologisk Institut

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