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A blooming cluster-office

Thriving innovation calls for more manpower! Danish Food Cluster is welcoming two new faces to the office – new blood that will help take the innovation buzz to the max in the food hub.

The new year brings new talent to the cluster’s core, as Sine Riisager and Anders Iversen have joined the cluster team. And the two candidates possess certain qualities that match exactly what Danish Food Cluster was looking for.

Both Anders and Sine are great facilitators with a collaborative mindset and a passion for food innovation, and the expansion at the office will definitely make it possible for us to do even more for our members”, says Lone Ryg, CEO at Danish Food Cluster.

A born networker and an innovation manager with tons of experience

A curious professional

Having lived abroad for 16 years, Sine Riisager has worked for more than a decade in different international environments. With an international resumé that includes titles such as Deputy Director of the Danish Institute at Athens and Acting Cultural Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Greece, Danish Food Cluster thus seized the opportunity to employ her in a position that is truly central to the organisation – namely, a position that is directly concerned with the members.

Sine’s position involves taking care of current members, while at the same time assuring growth and maximising network and matchmaking opportunities within the cluster.

Mixing food expertise and project management

With a background in biology, Anders Iversen has in his professional life worked intensely with the food industry. Food production, fermentation, hygiene and food safety are among some of the areas Anders has worked with, and when combining this expertise with more than 10 years of experience within project management, Danish Food Cluster was not in doubt – the right person for the job was found. Anders will thus play a central role in managing innovation projects within the cluster.

The newly hired Sine and Anders have already had their first couple of weeks at the office, and both have received a warm welcome by those of the members that have had the pleasure of meeting them already.

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