12 nominees for this years Food Innovator Award

This years nominees for the Food Innovator Award come from all parts of the food industry – a positive development, says last years winner Nicolai Hansen, CEO at KMC

Chefs and merchants, entrepreneurs and managing directors, geeks and developers.

The nominees for 2017’s Food Innovator Award come from different parts of the food industry. And that is important, according to last years winner Nicolai Hansen, CEO at KMC. He points to the ability to develop in all parts of the industry as pivotal in relation to the international competition:

The global population and especially the middle class is increasing and the consumers request healthy for their dinner tables. Danish food companies are part of the forefront, and if we want to keep our lead position, we need to develop and that is a joint assignment”.

The purpose of the Food Innovator Award is, besides from honouring a passionate innovator, to inspire people and organisations to continue innovating.

Innovation takes many shapes, and it is rarely a question of one single, bright moment. Rather it is a long and tough haul with many obstacles that we must overcome. The battle takes place every day, everywhere in the cluster, and in the middle of it all we find the passionate people, we want to honour,” says chairman of Danish Food Cluster, Esben Laulund.

The Food Innovator prize is awarded by Danish Food Cluster during the annual conference “A Great Day for Food Innovation” on the 16th of May in Agro Food Park. The Award is sponsored by Marel, who want to generate more attention to innovation:

In Marel our vision is a world, where quality food is produced in a sustainable and financially responsible way. We are proud of contributing to the Food Innovator Award, since is it puts focus on innovation in the food industry”, says Henrik Ladefoged, managing director at Marel Denmark.

The nominees for the Food Innovator Award 2017:

  • Alex Højrup Munch, medejer, Stauning Whisky
  • Anders René Jensen, salgsdirektør ved Rema 1000 Danmark
  • Bent Graakjær, kok, hotelejer og gastronomisk iværksætter
  • Britta Tarp, ejer og CEO ved Skarø Is
  • Carl-Bjarne Mikkelsen, Innovations- og eksport direktør ved EASIS
  • Henrik Ladefoged, administrerende direktør ved Marel
  • Henrik Rendbøl, CEO ved Møllerup Gods
  • John Gynther, Premium Food Manager ved Arla Unika, Arla Foods
  • John Smedegaard, administrerende direktør ved Ceptu Aps
  • Knud Vindfeldt, COO ved Chr. Hansen A/S
  • Poul Agger, serieiværksætter, stifter, direktør og senere bestyrelsesformand for Agger Foods
  • Thomas Hecht Olsen, R&D manager ved NGI A/S

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