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Our reason for being

We work to maximise innovation within the Danish food industry by building a world-class community of knowledge providers, talent, investors and companies.

Our platform is dedicated to creating opportunities for networking, interaction, branding and increased international visibility. In this way, we help innovation thrive and contribute to the growth of our members and the industry as a whole.

Our members currently represent more than 75% of food industry turnover in Denmark and cover the entire value chain.


Danish Food Cluster is a hub for innovative expertise in Europe – and attractive to national and international businesses and governments in search of new growth opportunities and knowhow.

We promote these capabilities through our targeted branding activities.

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This includes:

  • Creating publicity via our website, our international publication, our social media sites: TwitterLinkedInYouTube and much more.
  • Partnering with complementary food innovation initiatives.
  • Partner of European Food Alliance - A group of leading agri-food clusters in Europe
  • Seeking dialogue with the international business community in collaboration with Invest in Denmark, part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Danish Embassies.

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We offer a large number of networking events throughout the year. The events come in many different shapes and sizes.

Take a look at our event calendar:

Coming events

Network Facilitation

Danish Food Cluster facilitates networking opportunities across the food sector. Through our events and activities, we want to help entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, research institutes and investors start the dialogue that can lead to mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our events include roundtables with focus on specific topics.

If you want to participate in a roundtable regarding a specific topic you can contact us here:

Contact Us

Maximizing innovation

By creating an effective innovation framework, we support our members in taking viable ideas all the way to market.

Together with Bilka we have started the initiative Bilka Innovation, which help smaller producers get their products on the shelves of a supermarket.

In Danish Food Cluster, we believe good ideas can only grow to their full potential if you share them. With respect for the intellectual property rights of our members, we encourage open innovation throughout the food value chain, where new solutions and technologies are developed in cooperation.

Bilka Innovation



We have designed a folder to help create a one point of entry to the market for our smaller industry partners. You can get it for free below.

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