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For knowledge institutions and other organisations, Danish Food Cluster provides visibility throughout the food value chain. There are many opportunities to network and be matched with potential new partners.

Four of Denmark’s biggest knowledge institutions are among our members. That’s one reason why Danish Food Cluster is the perfect place to discuss and develop new ideas and innovations.

Other members

As a little help, we would like to offer you our e-book, Move On: Where are you going?.

It will help SME’s with information on how to take the next step in their business. Get it for free here!

If you need more information you are always welcome to contact us

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At Danish Food Cluster we host conferences of various sizes.

In 2016 we hosted the IFAMA World Conference in Aarhus with attendants food sectors from all over the world.

In 2017 a new conference will be held called InnovateFood.

Furthermore, we play host to a yearly event: A Great Day for Food Innovation, where the Food Innovator award will be handed out.

Round Tables is a group of members and potential members with a common interest who meets to share knowledge about a specific topic.

Do you want to join a roundtable or learn more?
Let us know!

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Group Matchmaking is based on a member’s specific challenge. Here the secretariat compiles a group of people that can help the member dealing with the challenge.

Take a look at our members and see if there is anyone interesting for you!

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