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08:00 Food development – SDU @ SDU Kolding
Food development – SDU @ SDU Kolding
Dec 1 @ 08:00 – 09:30
Food development - SDU @ SDU Kolding | Kolding | Denmark
Food development … with small scale food businesses as contributors to innovation, quality and growth. Friday December 1st from 8.00 to 9.30, SDU Kolding invites you to a First Mover morning meeting with the topic
00:00 Workshop on Synchrotron X-ray an... @ Scandic Star
Workshop on Synchrotron X-ray an... @ Scandic Star
Dec 5 @ 00:00 – Dec 6 @ 03:30
Workshop on Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron application to Food Science and Technology @ Scandic Star | Skåne län | Sweden
The two major research facilities the MAX IV synchrotron and the European Spallation Source (ESS) will open up unique opportunities for the advancement of research in many fields of research in the Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerack region. This
10:00 Get support by Innovation Fund D... @ Arla Innovation Centre
Get support by Innovation Fund D... @ Arla Innovation Centre
Dec 14 @ 10:00 – 12:00
Get support by Innovation Fund Denmark @ Arla Innovation Centre | Aarhus | Denmark
Get support by Innovation Fund Denmark What is Innobooster? How can your company use Grand Solutions? Get your answers on December 14, where Innovation Fund Denmark and Danish Food Cluster organize an information meeting in
10:00 Get support from Innovation Fund...
Get support from Innovation Fund...
Dec 14 @ 10:00 – 13:00
How can you benefit from the Innovation Fund? What can InnoBooster be used for? How can you get your company in the running for funds from Grand Solutions? Get all your questions answered at the
14:00 Masterclass on sustainability in... @ DTU
Masterclass on sustainability in... @ DTU
Jan 24 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Masterclass on sustainability in food production @ DTU | Kgs. Lyngby | Denmark
A shout out to all food producers, researchers and others interested in circular economy, waste streams and sustainability challenges facing the food industry. Danish Food Cluster and DTU have invited Professor Michael Zwicky Hauschild and
13:00 Boost your performance @ Nestlé Danmark
Boost your performance @ Nestlé Danmark
Jan 31 @ 13:00 – 16:00
Boost your performance @ Nestlé Danmark | København | Denmark
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14 Jan 2016

Can Danish food companies use the patent system more optimal?

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on innovation in the food area in Denmark. A question is whether the Danish food companies have protected their innovation with intellectual property rights (IPR) and thereby obtained a competitive advantage. In the present analysis, we have looked more closely at the patent activity for Danish…

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16 Nov 2015

The Good Food Photo

Few things put your senses to the same level of alertness as food. The taste of a cookie takes you back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen. The smell of certain spices makes your mind wander to the far side of the world in a few seconds. The glimpse of a beautiful photo inspires you…

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27 Oct 2015

Authorities affect the food industry

The Danish government is introducing various initiatives to help the primary industry and the processing industry. All of these aspects are excellent, but is it enough? Both the previous and the present Danish governments point to the food industry as an important part of safeguarding the welfare state. 25.000 jobs in the sector are expected…

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13 Oct 2015

Supply chain transparency does affect food companies’ bottom line

Food traceability has gained importance in recent years as shoppers are concerned about their health, safety, and also about the development of local food systems have been a demand for a larger degree of transparency in the food supply chains. It is no wonder that consumers now put food origin as the second most important factor (immediately…

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23 Sep 2015

Unity gives us strength – and successes like the IFAMA conference

Next year, Danish Food Cluster will host the annual IFAMA world conference, the largest international conference for food and agribusiness executives and researchers. This is quite an achievement. That Danish Food Cluster has attracted the IFAMA conference to Denmark is the culmination of an impressive development since the establishment of the cluster in December 2013.…

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25 Aug 2015

Urban Farming; A Living Project

Most people refer to urban farming concepts as ‘a new way of farming’. But what most people fail to recognize is that urban farming was, basically, our first way of farming anything. However, as we moved closer together and cities began to grow, it became very hard to sustain the “original” way of (urban) farming…

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12 Aug 2015

Why invest seed capital in the food industry?

One might think that there is no need for more investments in the Danish food industry. After all, our country is counted amongst the world’s main food clusters with corresponding and considerable investments in new technologies and products. However, a fast growing world population and rising standards of living create a new reality with a…

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29 May 2015

Why there’s no such thing as an overnight success…

… and how sharing knowledge can make your success grow I saw an interesting TED talk a while ago. The title was “Five ways to kill your dreams” – a little negative, you might think, but what Brazilian speaker, Bel Pesce, actually talks about is how to achieve success. One of her messages is to…

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13 May 2015

Danish food culture, communities, and possibilities for change

In September last year, 800 meters of table was lined up at Sdr. Boulevard, Vesterbro, in Copenhagen. 2.500 Copenhageners bought their ticket to communal dinner on the street, and the event was a success with a lot of food, drinks, and coloured lights. The communal dinner was arranged by the organisation, “Byhøst” and the food…

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30 Apr 2015

Facility investments will benefit food companies

Every year, approximately 300M DKK is invested in the nine knowledge institutions – GTS institutes (Advanced Technological Service institutes) – in Denmark. Out of those, AgroTech is the only one dedicated to agriculture and food innovation. The institutes ensure that new knowledge and technology are disseminated and used by you in the industry. The Ministry…

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