New board member for Danish Food Cluster


An experienced profile in food technology is the new member of the Danish Food Cluster Board. Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the cluster continues.

Dairy engineer, entrepreneur, CEO and president.

Niels Osterland has many titles, and now he can add an additional: Member of the Danish Food Cluster Board. This became reality for the cluster, covering 75 percent of sales in the food sector, after the general assembly held on Marts 16th.

At the general assembly 4 seats were up for election, and in addition to the election of Niels Osterland, Sr. Vice President Esben Laulund, Chr. Hansen, Associate Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen, University of Copenhagen, and innovation director Carl Bjarne Mikkelsen, EASIS, was re-elected.

The new member, Niels Osterland, come to the board as president of The Danish Society of Dairy Technology and owner of the company SepCo. Previously Niels Osterland established the company DSS specializing in systems for membrane filtration, especially for the international dairy industry.

In 2013 Niels Osterland sold the company for the Tetra Pak Group and subsequently contributed to the development of both DSS and Tetra Pak.

Niels Osterland replaces another experienced profile in the food sector, Monica Klepp Bjerrum, who ran the company MOOW, but has just been appointed director of CSR in Danish Crown.

After the general meeting the Board of the Danish Food Cluster, and re-appointed Esben Laulund as chairman of the board, while Erik Bisgaard Madsen was re-appointed as the next president.