Insider tips on food product innovation

Along with Gemba Innovation and Scion DTU, Danish Food Cluster hosted an event on February 25th, where focus was on accelerating food innovation. Denmark is already Europe’s no. 1 in food innovation, so what can we do to continuously taking the lead?
To kick start the event, Tomas Vedsmand from Gemba Innovation presented 10 trends within food product innovation which we will likely see in 2015. He pointed to “From clean to clear label”, where companies have honest and clear communication about their products, as being one of the most dominating tendencies.

Gemba trends in food product innovation

Examples of excellent food product innovation from the industry

The next two speakers were Jeff Salter from Coop and Törk Furhauge from Pågen. Each of them showed the participants their respective companies’ way of ensuring food product innovation.
Coop’s Jeff Salter stated that: “innovation should only be attached to the direction which makes sense your company”. In addition he said that it is important to have a direction and/or strategy for the innovative idea, processes and/or tool to help with innovation, clear goals for the new product, and the most important ingredient: the right people to work with the innovation process.

Coop food product innovation

Törk Furhauge explained how Pågen has put the product innovation in system with several “gates” and an innovation database. The database can be used by all Pågen employees and the results are high quality products and a large pot of ideas.
PĂĄgen's different stages of food product innovationPĂĄgen innovation database


A new tool for food product innovation

After these inspirational presentations, Søren Kielgast from Gemba Innovation introduced the innovation tool, MeetingSphere. In groups, the participants generated new ideas to accelerate food product innovation and evaluated on the best, which were involvement, innovation process and culture. Within these topics the most important aspects were to see opportunities instead of limitations, involve networks, collaborations across branches, and structure the idea process.

On you can find the presentations from Innovation Accelerated and read more about MeethingSphere.