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10 May 2017

What can 5.000 researchers do for your food?

Imagine that you have a predisposition to Alzheimer’s. Imagine that you are 22 years old and that you can already see signs of the upcoming disease, that you will develop 40 years later. Imagine that this disease can be prevented if you start to change your diet and nutrition. This is something that Nestlé’s 5.000…

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10 Apr 2017

Create growth by reducing food waste

4,3 billion Danish kroner a year is the amount that the food sector can earn by converting food waste into growth. The recent year’s food revolution, the green consumer trends such as reducing food waste, packing and also meat-free days, is becoming mainstream and should become a permanent part of the food sector. The food…

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02 Feb 2017

3D printing of food as a driver for growth

3D print of food is in its infancy. This blog will discuss how 3D printing of food will become an important driver for growth and innovation. 3D technology will not outcompete the high-quality food products that Denmark is already known for. But we need to make sure that the meal components, ingredients and technologies in…

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03 Jan 2017

The road to successful innovation

Successful innovation – how? To generate new and successful ideas requires that you keep your finger on the pulse in regards to new tendencies and trends within the food industry. We try, when possible, to accommodate our products to the trends and tendencies of modern times. EASIS Nut bar is an example of a new…

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03 Oct 2016

Donating surplus food is the ethical choice to make

Food waste is such an enormous waste of resources and an ethical challenge as well. That is why avoiding food waste and helping socially vulnerable people at the same time is a win-win situation for everyone. Did you know that in Denmark alone 700.000 tons of food are thrown out every year? Food that from…

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29 Sep 2016

Why do clusters work?

A cluster, is an organization consisting of members from industry, knowledge institutions and organizations. Its members cover most of an industry, all the way from thoughts to production. This is one key factor that makes clusters such a great place for innovation. When a company is part of a cluster, it is four times more…

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27 Sep 2016

Vejen leads the way in production

A central task for a municipality is to ensure that the business community thrives, develops and grow, because our society depends on that. In Vejen municipality they have chosen to focus particularly on the food production industry, and it must be said that they are successful.  Facilitator of the good conditions Vejen municipality has become…

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31 Aug 2016

Food security and how insects can be part of a solution

It is estimated that in 2050 the world population will have increased to about 9 billion people. That is 9 billion mouths to feed and 9 billion people with a need for high quality protein. In order for everybody to have their needs met, we will have to change the way we produce food today.…

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