Why bother with blogging?

Welcome to the new blogging space of Danish Food Cluster.

Oh no, you might be saying to yourself. Why another blog? I do not have the time to read all this stuff.
Oh yes, we say. This blog will actually save time. The short posts will keep you updated on all the trends within food innovation and the food sector – and on occasion the reading might even entertain you.

It will be written by a select group of personalities within the food industry, food research, and organisations. The movers and shakers who can contribute with both knowledge and opinions.
In Danish Food Cluster, we also think that this blog will fill a gap in the information flow within Food Innovation. We have been researching to find inspiration from other blogs, but we have not found a proper role model (please let us know if you find one).
Most blogs within food innovation seems to evolve around recipes and healthy lifestyle and while we like both, recipes and healthy lifestyle really is not the heart of the matter in Danish Food Cluster.

We want to blog about another kind of food innovation. The kind of food innovation that fuel industry, creates jobs, and secure growth. The kind of innovation that will maintain Denmark as number one within food innovation in Europe.
We want to be the hub for food innovation, attraction of talent, investments, and companies… And attracting the latest knowledge and updates. This is what this blog is all about. I hope you will enjoy and share the posts and if you have anything to add: Please use the opportunity below each post to share your thoughts and ideas.